Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quilt Exhibit Postcards

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I am playing around with a few different designs for postcards. I just taught myself this morning to use the Picasa FREE MAC program. In just a few minutes of downloading the program, I was importing images and placing text on them.......how fun is that!

I printed this image out on photo paper and it is much better than what you see on the screen here. I was afraid the white writing would be difficult to read, but on the printed version it is clearly visible.

I plan to send the image to an online printer and have postcards made. So.......please comment and let me know what you think of this first postcard. Anyone out there experienced in postcard design? I need to design a poster ......but Rome was not built in a day. The comment link is directly below this post. Hoping to hear from you soon.

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  1. It looks great. So I take it that it is a photo of a part of a quilt that you put text on, not a fabric postcard. Since photo paper would not be stiff enough for a post card(that is what I am assuming) what will you print it on to have that card stiffness?

  2. The image is part of the sunflower quilt I completed last month. I plan to use it as a real postcard. There are a few businesses on the web that will make postcards from your designs.......I think they offer 25 postcards for $4.99. I have had requests for exhibit information. I think the postcards will make it easy for me to get this information out.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. LuAnn I'm no expert but I think it looks great! Linda G.

  4. Hi LuAnn,

    I think it looks great - but isn't that sunflower upside down??? Just me novice commenting....Linda G.

  5. Oh Linda......yes the sunflower is upsidedown, but that is the way I photographed it while I was stitching on it sitting down at the machine. When I flipped the image over, it didn't look quite right. So.....you get an upsidedown sunflower!