Friday, June 26, 2009

Woven Sunshine.......Applique Tips

Keeping the digital camera on the sewing table has become a good teaching tool for me as I work on a project. Here are a few images I captured while working in the applique process yesterday on the Woven Sunshine Quilt...

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The very first applique stitching to be done was the woven background strips. They are all raw edge and need to be stitched down. I used invisible thread.

This is a MonoPoly invisible thread by Superior Threads.
I also like Sulky Invisible Thread.
Both products are a very soft polyester thread that will not burn when ironed.

Why use invisible thread?
This is a very busy background for a quilt. I plan to free motion quilt all over the background later. I did not want the applique stitching to draw any attention to itself and compete with the free motion stitching. This applique stitching is merely to hold down those raw edges of the woven background.

I have found size 60 needles to work the very best for invisible thread. They create the tiniest hole possible in the quilt top. The very thin invisible thread barely fills up the hole created by the needle. A larger needle creates a larger hole, that the invisible thread cannot fill. I tried my standard size 80 made holes that looked like a shot gun blast.

At this point the background is stitched down and I am working on the applique stitching of the stems, leaves, flowers & birds. I am no longer using invisible thread. I am using a polyester thread. I have switched over to a different needle.

I tried a size 80 needle, but the hole it created was too big for the polyester thread. I found these size 75 needles to be the perfect size for the thread.

The green thread filled in the needle holes nicely during the applique stitching of the stems.
If you click to enlarge this can barely see the invisible thread stitching on the woven strips of the background.

I am using Grass green YLI Variations Trilobal Polyester.

The image of the crow needed some definition.
This lemon yellow thread worked perfectly to outline Mr. Crow
He will get lots of threadwork when the free motion quilting begins!

I chose a deep red variegated thread to applique the sunflower petals. It helps to distinguish the individual petals from each other, if not they all blend together into a yellow mob.

The red thread plays nicely with the rust color in some of the yellow fabrics!

Yesterday......after 12 hours of applique stitching, I called it a day. I have one sunflower left to applique.....then I can move onto basting the quilt sandwich and get into the free motion quilting.

On my way back out to the Thread Shed today I stopped by our Summer Rental House. Yes, we have birds nesting in both levels of the new bird house.

The hollyhocks are nearly 5 feet tall growing along the right side of the Thread Shed. The new bed frame fence is working perfectly to support them.

I will not be alone as I stitch today.......Suzy is the very best sewing dog. She is in her 15th year of life........I treasure each day she shares with me.

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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