Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunflower Quilting All Done...

On Tuesday I ran out of bobbin thread........I ordered more online at midnight and went to bed. Wednesday I went into town........I brought home this beauty from the Goodwill store. Yes, another bed frame/garden fence. I just couldn't pass it up for $5. Now I need to look around for a can of sage green spray paint and some primer.

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Thursday......still waiting on the arrival of the much needed green variegated bobbin thread for the Sunflower Quilt........I threw in some laundry and headed outdoors to weed the flowerbeds.

The Peppermint Lilies are blooming

A climbing rose on the side of the Thread Shed is blooming.

I decided to weed the flowerbed out front. The whiskey barrel is filling in nicely.

The baby chicks were more than happy to see the weeds!
The peeps are 8 weeks old this week.

Oh......did I mention........Henrietta is actually Henry. Yes, one of our pullets has turned out to be a rooster. This is him gulping down a big blade of grass. Notice the big red gobblers hanging under his chin and the big red crown on top of his head and the long tail feathers.........yes, we have a rooster!

Yes......the thread arrived in the mailbox.........barely 36 hours after I ordered it online! Now that is service! It is the green variegated cotton YLI Thread I was using in the bobbin for the Sunflower Quilt. You can see the 3 empty spools already stitched into the quilt. I didn't take any chances.......I ordered a 3,000 yard cone this time.

As long as I was ordering thread I decided to get more of those gorgeous variegated trilobal polyester threads. They are a very subtle change in color, not too distracting.

Click the image to enlarge it if you are interested in seeing just exactly what kind of thread I am using...

I wasn't blogging yet when I was into the applique process of this sunflower quilt. So, I thought I would give you one of my applique tips. During the fusible applique process, sometimes during the repeated handling of the quilt, the fusible comes loose from the quilt top. Rather than take the quilt top over to the ironing board, I pull out my trusty UHU glue stick and glue the applique piece back down onto the quilt. It works like a charm, and this glue does not gum up your needle while stitching the applique work down.

Friday I spent the day in the Thread Shed and completed the machine quilting on the Sunflower Quilt..........this is the very last sunflower I quilted. I used the very bright orange variegated thread.

As I look at this 100 x 100 inch quilt.........I can't believe I fit it all under my domestic Bernina sewing machine. The dense quilting is wonderful and the quilt feels so is a treat for my eyes.

I would like to thank all my quilting friends who cheered me on BEFORE the machine quilting process began.......who gave me the confidence and made me believe that I really could machine quilt something this BIG. Hugs go out to all of you!

Machine Quilting Stats: 4,000 yards of quilting thread, 40 Bobbins filled, 40 hours to machine quilt (I am a very fast machine quilter). This does not include any of the piecing or applique work.......that would add up to hundreds of hours.

Today is Saturday..........I plan to steam block the quilt and get the binding sewn onto the top side. Then the next time we go on a road trip.... I will have a binding to sew down while we motor down the road.

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  1. LuAnn - wow! Impressive! I'm speechless! I've been following your quilting progress but now it's over!? Quick, get something else under that machine! Can't wait to see your sunflower quilt! I might have to fondle yours because I gotta wait another month for mine! Congrats! Linda G.