Monday, June 15, 2009

Working Cattle

It was just too gorgeous and sunny today here in Western Oregon to stay indoors and bind the sunflower favorite guy had other plans for me....the moo-ing kind...
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We worked cow and calf pairs again. There were about 15 pairs we didn't get to when we worked cattle in May. Today was the perfect sunny day for it. The mama cows and calves are coming into the corral to be sorted. We separate the cows and calves into different pens.

This cow didn't like my I had to move so she would come through the gate. She is a pretty cow, but a bit wild.

Here is a gentle giant. We have the nicest bulls on the place this year. They are big, beautiful, calm and easy to work with. This big guy didn't mind the camera at all.

The bull is the next one into the squeeze chute...

He is soooo BIG he hangs out the back end of the chute. He looks like he is wearing the chute! He didn't mind. He stood quiet and patient while we worked on him. I wish the cows and calves were this good in the chute.

My favorite guy is putting fly tags in the bulls ears. They keep the flies off his face during the hot summer weather.

Here is that wild cow getting her fly tags

More cows and calves coming into the sorting pens

Mama cow comes over to check on her calf while it is in the chute.

While the guys were loading up all of the equipment I strolled around with the camera. I spotted some foxgloves growing over by the corral fence. I love the dots up inside the blooms...

Sprinkler heads on the end of the irrigation pipe

On my way home I stopped at the top of the driveway........the cattle looked so pretty grazing through the tall grass on the edge of the road.

Now that I am home I need a good scrubbing before I can even think about getting close to my quilts!

I have taken so many photos during the process of creating the sunflower quilt. I decided to put some of them into a slide show so you can follow along with my Sunflower Quilt Journey... If you want to take a peek at what I have downloaded to the slide show so far CLICK HERE. Open your browser window as big as you can, and the slide show photos will be BIG and you can see all the great detail work. I will continue to add images to this slide show as time allows.

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  1. The quilt is georgeous and huge the way I like them. My goodness it is beautiful. I looked the slide show. That was fun.