Sunday, June 21, 2009

Woven Sunshine.......Design Work

I had the day to myself to get more design work done on this Woven Sunshine Quilt.

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On the far left is the green CHALLENGE fabric I am required to incorporate somewhere into the quilt top. On the far right side are a few green fabrics I am auditioning for leaf fabrics. I have chosen a very bright green striped batik for the stems of the sunflowers.

I prefer to use Light Steam-A-Seam 2 for most of my fusible applique work. It has release paper on BOTH sides of the fusible. It is extremely lightweight and doesn't add too much stiffness to the completed quilt. What appeals to me most is that this product sticks to the surface of your quilt (temporarily) without any fusing. I can place the applique shapes all over the quilt top and check for the very best placement possible. They stay where I put them. When I am satisfied with the placement, then I fuse them down permanently. I have many brands of fusible, but I always reach for the Light Steam-A-Seam 2.

At this point I have added 3 sunflowers..... odd numbers just work.

I tend to work with larger quilts....and I ALWAYS work with the quilt in a vertical position. A cordless iron is perfect for fusing down the applique pieces directly on the design wall. No moving the quilt to the ironing board, trying to keep all the pieces in place to fuse everything down. I bring the iron to the quilt hanging on the wall and fuse everything in's wonderful.

There was a knock on the door of the Thread Shed... I was in need of a break......and this was just the little guy to lure me away from my work. This is my Grandnephew, Brandn. He was so very excited to show me the fish he just caught! It made my day!

5pm.......I am ready to turn out the lights and head back to the house.
This is what I completed for the day: The flowers, stems and leaves have been fused in place. I used some of that green CHALLENGE fabric for a few of the smaller leaves. I have just begun to add a few dried out flower petals that have fallen to the bottom portion of the quilt. I think I would like to add some dried out leaves too......and definitely a crow. In the fall the crows spend most of their day in our real sunflower bed trying to peck the seeds out of the flower heads. They are great fun to watch!

I am the only one who sees the view under my sewing machine table. Gunnr and Suzy spend many hours asleep under here. I think they are ready to call it a day.

Weaving Sunshine,

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  1. Gunnr is awesome - I am a Boxer lover myself, and the current Boxer I love is called JJ.