Sunday, June 28, 2009

Woven Sunshine Quilt............DONE

I had a day to myself today.............and it was a fun day!
Thread Shed, Music & Machine Quilting
My needs are few...

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With the exception of the stem in the middle of the vines, this was all free motion quilting without any marking. If you click on the image and enlarge can see the faint white chalk line down the center of the vine. That line keeps me going in the right direction as I move across the quilt stitching 90 mph.

I LOVE these Chubby Crayons for marking. They are made by Miracle Chalk. I purchased mine at my local quiltshop: JanniLou Creations in Philomath, OR.
They are soft and yummy and glide over the fabric effortlessly.

The BEST part of Chubby Crayons just iron the chalk off when you are done! As soon as the heat from the iron touches the disappears completely!

You can quit reading this post now if you like.......because that was the best part of it!

Here is a peek at some of the whimsical vine quilting on the woven background area.

I learned the whimsical vine motif from Patsy Thompson. I purchased her DVD's a couple of years ago........and my machine quilting has improved more than I had ever hoped.

I chose a botanical quilting motif for the background and it was a good fit. I am happy with the way it turned out.

After all the machine quilting was done.......I blocked the quilt.........and was ready to trim it up square. This 20 inch Ominigrip Square Up Ruler is the absolute best and most accurate for squaring up those corners. I am sorry I waited 15 years to get one.

This 2o inch ruler makes it easy to have perfectly square corners on your completed quilts.

Here is the Woven Sunshine Quilt all DONE and ready for a binding. I am looking at all this leftover green batik fabric..........hmmm.........I also have a lot of leftover black fabric........that might work for a binding? After 9 hours of quilting today I am done making decisions.......the binding fabric will have to wait for another day.

Good Night,

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  1. I LOVE your whimsical vine; actually, I love the whole quilt! And thanks for the tip on the chubby crayons-I've never heard of them and that feature that they disappear with ironing is great!

  2. It turned out great and I love your quilting!

  3. Gorgeous!!!
    I envy your quilting ability - I'm still in the feed dog up mode :-(

  4. Love those sunflowers. Beautiful thread play. I'm so glad that VickiW pointed me in this direction.

  5. What an absolutely beautiful and innovative quilt! I love the checkerboard background!

  6. Just beautiful! I'm so impressed you are able to machine quilt without much marking. Wow!

    What machine do you use to machine quilt?

  7. Hi Jo,
    I machine quilt on my little Bernina QE.
    I learned so many no-mark quilting methods from DVD's purchased from Patsy Thompson Designs.

  8. This quilt is just beautiful notwithstanding that I am partial to sunflowers. Hope it wins a ribbon at Expo!

  9. This is an amazing quilt. I love all the layers,and colors. The applique and pieced techniques in combo with the quilting work wonderfully.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie