Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shaving Cream Stenciling at Permission 2 Play Class

Lastnight the Permission 2 Play group played with shaving cream again......this time we stenciled with it. Intrigued? Keep reading.......

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Instructor, Virginia Gregory's Class Sample: Stenciled Leaf Quilt

Tsukineko Fabric Inks

Shaving cream sprayed into a plastic cup....then Tsukineko fabric inks were dropped onto the shaving cream........looks good enough to eat!

Gorgeous stenciled leaves.......notice the 3D quality........the darker leaf looks under the lighter leaf.
Virginia cut the leaf stencils out of freezer paper

Class Sample: Circles Overlapping

This process leaves the fabric very soft.....if you close your eyes and rub your hands across the stenciled surface, you would not know there was any ink on the surface of the cloth.

Circles on Squares
The circles were stenciled first.....then squares of freezer paper were ironed over the top of the circles.......then the blue shaving cream was applied over the top to create the blue sashing strips.........then the freezer paper squares were removed to reveal the pattern.

Rylee mixing up purple shaving cream

Applying the purple shaving cream with a foam brush over the ironed down freezer paper stencil

After stenciling.....Rylee removed the freezer paper........brought the fabric over to the ironing board........pressed it to heat set the inks.......they are now permanent and washable with no fading.

Rylee applying a fused binding to the edge of her project.

Rylee with her Sunflower Journal Quilt

Emily mixing up a soft green shaving cream ink...

Emily stenciling with green shaving cream ink...

Emily's Green Leaves

Pam's Fish & Bubbles

Shelley: Moon & Dragonfly Journal Quilt

Here are a few completed Paper Quilts from our May Class:

Kathy Haywood: Silver & Gold Paper Quilt
gorgeous dahlia quilt with metallic free motion work

Kathy Haywood: Living Wild Paper Quilt

Virginia Gregory: Map Paper Quilt
Be sure to click on this image....she used the road lines in the map as an inspiration for the quilting on this piece.........wonderful.

Virginia Gregory: Trees Paper Quilt

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  1. Buzzing by your archived posts and I think you are marvelous! You give new meaning to fabric art!! ~karen