Monday, June 8, 2009

Moving Day...

This time of year I have to split my time between gardening and quilting.......I love them both. The iris were in full bloom last week and really put on a show for us:

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Front Flower bed full of Iris

The pansies also demanded some attention...they are glowing right now!
I plan to enlarge this image and use it in one of my photo transfer quilts.
If you like it too, please feel free to download it.

My favorite guy tilled up the sunflower patch for me last week........4 feet wide and 100 feet long........that's my guy! We covered the newly planted seeds with long sheets of keep the birds out of it. Re-planting seeds is not on my favorites list.
We took the plastic off today and the seeds have sprouted!

It is moving day........the 7 week old baby chicks are moving from the brooder box out back on the the hen house. This is Dottie, a little barred rock baby chick.
7 weeks ago she was a little cotton ball with legs.........she is a little mini hen today.

We placed the chicks in cat carriers to transport them through the yard to the hen house.The hen house is located just to the right of the Thread Shed. They are good company for me when I am working.

The baby chicks are checking out their new home.......they immediately began to peck the cedar shavings on the floor. The old hens stayed out in the chicken yard.....I think they are afraid of the chicks?

After awhile the baby chicks ventured out into the chicken yard.......they enjoyed pecking the grass clippings from mowing the yard today.
Gunnr spent most of the day watching over his peeps......he just loves the baby chicks.

This zinnia demanded my attention was overcast this morning......perfect photo is really this glowing, hot pink color!

I will close this post with a photo of my favorite Bosom Buddies. These quilters are from Idaho. They are a group of caring, loving quilters known as the Bosom Buddies. They create quilts with their hearts and their hands for women with breast cancer. When I am visiting from Oregon, they welcome me with open arms and make me feel a part of their wonderful group. I miss them and just want to say I will see you in September and we will have lots of fun together!

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