Monday, June 22, 2009

Woven Sunshine.......Design Work Done!

I dug through the fabric cupboards for all possibilities for crow fabrics. I like to have LOTS of choices when auditioning took me awhile but I found 4 dozen black and gray fabrics.
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Wouldn't you know it........the very first 3 fabrics I grabbed worked perfect for the crow! I put the other 45 fabrics away for another day...

The base crow fabric reads as a solid black, but it is a black on black print with leaves.

The next layer for the wing and tail feathers has some gray in it for contrast and texture.

Isn't this great eye fabric?

Here is Mr. Crow...........waiting for lots of thread work later.

Perfect fabric for dead leaves that have fallen to the bottom of the quilt.

A few dead leaves & petals at the bottom of the quilt with 2 yellow finches pecking around.

This yellow finch is sitting on a leaf, just eyeing up those scrumptious sunflower seeds!

Everything is fused down and all the applique design work is done.
Here is the completed Woven Sunshine Quilt Top.

It was only 2:00 so I grabbed some leftover fabrics from the sunflower quilt I just completed earlier in June, along with the leftover green batik challenge fabric and made a little "back art" for the quilt.

Time to think about thread choices for the applique stitching.

I chose mostly contrasting threads for the applique, took the quilt off the design wall and brought it over to the sewing machine...........I'm ready to go!

The first thing I will start with is invisible thread to stitch down all the woven background strips........a little boring, but once that is done.....the fun will begin!

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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  1. That is looking awesome! I love the addition of the crow.

  2. That is absolutely stunning -- I love the crow!

  3. Hi Vicki & Michelle,
    Thank you for your fun words.....AWESOME and make me does the crow!
    LuAnn in Oregon