Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gardening & Computers...

I have neglected the flowerbeds lately with all the time I have spent finishing up the Sunflower Quilt. I was looking out the window sipping coffee this morning and saw how the poor climbing rose, so heavy with blooms, was drooping over. A bit of guilt set in.......out the door I went with scissors and twine...

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These CA Poppies are just glowing. They have self seeded themselves around the corner of the patio and now growing under the climbing rose.

It took quite a bit of twine, but the rose is tied up to the patio, looking much happier now. I ran into the house to get my camera. Some of these blooms or so luscious I just have to photograph them.

The bumble birds have a feeder right next to the climbing rose...and they were not too happy with my spending so much time around their rose bush. They kept buzzing around my head trying to scare me away. I held my ground and managed to get a few photos of the roses.

When I came back into the house and downloaded the photos into the iphoto program on the computer, this pale pink rose caught my attention. The petals are so distinct looking, each one so separate and well defined...I decided to play around with this image and see what happened...

iphoto has very simple controls (I am no computer wizard) so I moved some of the controls back and forth to see what would happen to the image. Check out those well defined pink petals in this photo...very dramatic.

This image has a vintage look to it........still soft like the original image, but with an old fashioned photo appeal to it.

I played with the temperature control and started turning the rose different colors.

Then I played with the saturation control and made the rose very very yellow.

This looks neon yellow...

Then I took all of the color out of it with the contrast control. It looks more like a black and white photo. The petals stand out distinctively in this image.

The temperature control turned the rose shades of blue

I think all of these images, printed out on fabric, would make a great collage quilt. Also just one BIG HUGE image printed onto fabric would be fun to do lots of thread work on and free motion quilting.

If you are inspired by any of these images, please feel free to download and use them in your artwork. They are full high resolution images, and should print out very nicely for you.

Enough computer time......back out to the gardening,

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  1. What a treat to view your flowers...we are somewhat behind in Northern Wisconsin. Your hummers look as active as ours - wondering what varieties you get out in the Northwest? We have only ruby throated hummers - love them dearly! Enjoy your posts & quilting tips.