Saturday, March 2, 2024

Moda Love Quilt....Machine Quilting

It is time to get this Moda Love quilt

under the needle... 

I am machine quilting on my

Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen...

My Big Girl machine !

This is a sit-down long arm machine...

Above the machine are dark blue clamps.

They hold the quilt up so there is no drag

while I am quilting.

You can see the blue clamps holding up the quilt.

These purple Gypsy Quilter hoops

help grip the fabric...

On the back side are the purple rubber grips...

they really work !

You hang on to the sides and move the

quilt in any direction while quilting.

I have had them for many years.

I feathered all of the triangles

and straight lines in the squares...

Swirls in the narrow inner border...

Scallop templates for the border quilting...

Handi Quilter Scallop Template

They come in all sizes and shapes...

Scallop quilting in the border...

A few hours later.....all done !

The edges are trimmed and squared up

and ready for a hanging sleeve and binding.

We woke up to a world of white today...

Feeding cattle in the snow...

After the cattle are fed,

the Cowboy walks through the herd

to check if any of the mama cows

are close to calving yet.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. I hope you will not have another frozen calf this year, even though you took such good care of the last one. I am pretty sure you know all the mamas who like to hide to deliver their babies and that you keep a keen eye on them. Good luck this calving season! I am already looking forward to all the sweet pictures you will post. Annick H.

    1. Hi Annick, We actually had our first calf born early this morning. Of course it was snowing, but luckily not below freezing. We put mama and baby in the barn tonight to keep them dry. We have a few more cows that are bagging up, so we may have more babies tomorrow morning.


  2. Thanks for sharing your quilting set up in detail. I have a sit-down long arm as well. Those Gypsy Quilter guides are the best ever! I'm thinking about buying another set, just because. LOL I've had my machine about 10 years but haven't yet tried those clamps. I didn't see a link to those. You do a great job on your quilts. Brrrr, it looks cold outside!

    1. Hi Pamela, I will try and find the name of the blue clamps for you. Patsy Thompson Designs also sells a nice set of clamps. They really help keep the weight of the quilt off the table and it glides beautifully during machine quilting.

  3. Another beautiful quilt!

    1. Thank you Marilyn. I think we will hang this one in our bedroom. It is cheerful.