Sunday, April 12, 2020

Improv.....Technique 6

Improv Technique 6

Freehand Curved Piecing

I had to dig deep to find this one...

I haven't seen this for 5 years......eeek!

What got me started was this 2015 issue:

I took it camping with us that summer...

Great directions...

I stitched in the camp trailer every evening.

Here it is almost 5 years later...

I unearthed some of the strips and scraps...

Here goes....Freehand cutting and piecing:

Just like riding a comes right back

Before Pressing:  the sewn strip is wonky...

After Pressing:  lays perfectly flat

Every now and then....throw in a pieced strip

This is yummy FUN!

If you are interested in giving this a try...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,



  1. I used something like this some years back. I went and watched the video link and the sequel to that video. Jean Wells demonstrated how she did the tiny thin inserts........oh yes! I love that and think I could have lots of fun playing with that technique. I really am enjoying your improv series the past week, so fun!!!!

    1. So glad you are getting a bit of inspiration from the Improv am I!

      Stay Well,

  2. So fun!!! This would make a wonderful border on a quilt or a table runner! You are so creative and I appreciate the link to the tutorial!