Thursday, April 2, 2009

The quilts I create are very much inspired by my life here on the farm and by my family. Every time I see an image of a bear, I think of my oldest son, Nicholas. I call him my "Big Bear." His childhood room was all decorated with bears.

I also think of apple pie when I think of Nicholas. Like all self-respecting mothers, I have been known to use food to bribe my kids to come home and see me! Nicholas lives in town now, and we sure miss him.

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Nicholas and Me

My husband is also an apple pie lover. When the boys were young and there was a fresh apple pie on the wasn't safe for long! The kids would come in the door with the neighbor boys and inhale the pie along with a gallon of milk.
I eventually learned to bake 2 for the kids.......and one for my husband to hide!

This was made in 2001. It is one of the first original quilts that I designed. My favorite part is the bear paw blocks set on point that travel around the outer border. It is Nicholas' graduation quilt.........."Big Bear"

Bonners Ferry Library, Bonners Ferry, Idaho

My son's love of bears inspired me to make his graduation quilt. I will always think of him whenever I see a bear.

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