Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cherry Blossom Welcome Home

I quickly snapped this image as we were leaving for Tahoe last week. The tulips and flowering cherry trees are so full of life this time of year, and they change from day to day. I was anxious to get on the road and do some traveling, but also wondered what beautiful changes I would be missing here at home in the garden....

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We had a wonderful trip. Tahoe was sunny and snowy and inspiring. When we returned home and pulled down the driveway I was so excited to see we had a Cherry Blossom Blizzard in the front favorite time of the year!

The snowy blossoms are such a welcome sight, and I hadn't missed them!

I brought the Pepper Dish quilt with me and stitched on the binding, hanging sleeve and label as we motored down the road. I love to do handwork while we are traveling. My husband reminds me every now and then to look up and see the scenery going by.

The Glen Campbell concert in the South Shore Room was wonderful. What an intimate setting to see such a wonderful entertainer in. Every seat was the best seat in the house. What a talented and genuine person he is. He still has a beautiful voice at 73 years young.

I posted several images......textures mostly.......yesterday on this blog. I plan to use some of them in future textile pieces. I hope you will find one or two that inspire you and use them in your artwork.

I will leave you with a beautiful song by Glen Campbell, that goes perfectly with these Cherry Blossom images.........Today is here.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


kathy said...

I LOVE the petals underneath the trees, a wonderful, brief display of beauty. Like a shadow in reverse.


LuAnn Kessi said...

Kathy.....I love your description.......a shadow in reverse. I will remember that.
Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

kathy keith said...

Yes, as soon as that phrase came to mind, I thought it would be great in a poem, a title for art, or something else.

Toni Whitney said...

LuAnn, Your place warms my heart, I think I would have to sit outside and paint, and paint, and paint, every day!

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Toni,
I plan to do some sewing outside this summer in the yard. It is hard to work indoors when the weather is calling you outside.