Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fairy Business Isn't For Sissies...

I have had this image of my niece since last year. I have been saving it for something special. The look on her face speaks volumes.
At first I thought about printing it on fabric and then painting over the background. I also wanted to add fairy wings to go with the wand and a crystal ball.

My inspiration kicked into high gear today and I spent the day manipulating this photo, the old fashioned photoshop was used at all.

Click Images to Enlarge:

This is the original image

Monarch Butterfly Wings Clip Art

Crystal Ball Clip Art

I printed the original image, then cut out my niece, taped the butterfly wings to her back, then taped on the crystal ball. All done manually w/ scissors & tape. No computer enhancement was used. I have photoshop......and maybe I will have the time to learn to use it in my next life!

I raise flowers and enjoy photographing them. I enlarged this pansy image to 8x10 and printed it out.

I placed the taped together image on top of the pansy image.

I remember the day I took this sunflower photo......the sky was such a gorgeous blue.
I printed it out 8x10.

I placed the taped image on top of the sunflower.
The yellow background really works.

This is a climbing rose on our patio.
I printed it out 8x10

Again, here is the taped image on top of the pink rose.
I like all 3 designs.

Here they are printed onto fabric w/words added at the bottom:

All 3 images are on cloth and ready for borders and quilting. It will be fun to stitch each one differently and see how they turn out. I will post the completed quilts when they are done.

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This Fairy Business Isn't For Sissies,


Toni Whitney said...

Hi Luann,

I LOVE your niece's photo, especially with the rose. SOOOOO CUUUUTE!!!

imquilternity said...

Lovely, very lovely. I admire that you did it via the good old "cut and paste" method. Sometimes, it's just easier and just as effective, right? Thanks for sharing.

photo enhancement said...

This is really beautiful. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.