Sunday, April 5, 2009

What A Beauty

Brad came in this morning from the hen house and told me we had a visitor. A beautiful, and un-welcome visitor. I grabbed the camera and headed outside in my jammies. A chicken hawk had made it's way into the wire fenced chicken yard, and now he was trapped inside. Here he is hanging on his side on the wire. The underside of his wing is white and brown checked. You can see it fairly well in this photo. Click image to enlarge and see more detail. Tip your head to the left and you can see him better.

The hens did not like him one bit and would charge at him with their neck feathers all ruffled out. He flew around the fenced in chicken yard looking for a way out.
He sat still long enough for me to get a close up photo.....below.

Right after this photo was taken, Brad opened the hen house door and he flew inside the hen house and out the door to freedom. We watched him fly away down to the river. He perched in a tree and stared at us.........and we stared back. What a beauty!

If I can't be sewing or quilting, then I want to be gardening. We planted 3 Burning Bushes by the garage today. Someday they will really put on a show in the fall.

This little bear was found at a second hand store over the winter months. He weighs better than 50 pounds! He has such a beautiful patina. He is quite old, but still in great condition. He is perfect to watch over the newly planted bushes.

The yellow Thread Shed is directly behind the bear.
To the right is the red hen house, where the chicken hawk was trapped earlier.

The camelia by the Thread Shed is beginning to bloom.

The daffodils out front are the biggest and tallest and brightest we've ever had!

Spring has arrived in Oregon..........what a beauty!

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Linda G. said...

LuAnn - I've never seen a chicken hawk before! Nor had Russ! Your bushes look great. Nothing like a little bit of excitement of start your day, right?!