Friday, April 10, 2009

Stumps & Birdhouse

I have been itching to do some stitching........but the sun came out today and lured me outdoors again! Here in wet and rainy western Oregon, you NEVER waste a sunny day just don't know when you will get another one!

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Last summer we put new siding on our the course of doing that we had to cut down a a big hedge on the backside of the house. This spring we are left with 8 stumps to remove.........and today was removal day.

After some digging, Brad hooked a chain around the stumps and pulled them out with the pick up winch.

Those little stumps had a lot of roots on the underside. Check out the size of the last one that was pulled was a whopper!

While Brad worked on the stumps, I started painting the bird house he built for me. He used wood that was salvaged from our barn loft. Yes, this is a 2 story farm house for birds.

Here it is with a coat of gray primer on it.

By the time I had the primer painted on, all the stumps were out of the ground.

I was able to get one coat of white paint on the birdhouse before the weather quickly changed to cold and rainy. It chased me back indoors for the day.

The daffodils in the front yard have reached their peak. They were gorgeous this year. I am sad to see them go. The flowering cherry trees are just beginning to bloom. They remind me of popcorn popping. You can't see the blooms yet in this photo, but I will take another photo next week so you can see the popcorn trees.

This is a daybed frame we put behind the Thread Shed a couple of years ago. It is a perfect fence to hold up the yellow glads that will be growing here this summer.
My sewing machine is set up just inside that big picture window. I have beautiful, morning sunlight to sew by.

Next week, when we get the 4 newly painted bed frames set up for the hollyhocks, I will post a photo.

For now my plans include a hot cup of tea, and an evening spent cutting images from books for future paper quilts. I have a class to teach in May making paper quilts.

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Looking Forward to More Sunshine,

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