Friday, April 17, 2009

Easily Distracted...

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Birds That Sing: By Penny Mattson

The sunshine was too much to resist, so I threw on my work clothes and went outside to finish painting the birdhouse I started last week. The second coat of white paint went on quickly.

I also painted the post that the birdhouse will be mounted on.

While the paint was drying I grabbed the camera to capture the flowering cherry tree just beginning to bloom. The tiny white blooms look like popcorn popping out all over the branches.

Close Up shot of the popcorn popping

I looked down to see the periwinkels blooming. They are a beautiful shade of blue.

I decided to mow the lawn while I continued to wait for the paint to dry. This is my trusty Craftsman aka Craftsgirl mower. We have a very large yard and this riding mower has mowed every inch of it for 19 years.

Craftsgirl has seen lots and lots of miles. Both my boys learned to drive on her. She no longer has headlights and she has lots of battle scars, but she starts when you turn the key and hums right along.

Unfortunately, this is the final resting place for Craftsgirl.........she fell apart while I was mowing today. We nearly made it over the whole lawn, and the steering column came apart and the mower deck fell apart. Brad, her chief mechanic, warned me last month that she wouldn't make it much longer.......but that didn't make it any easier when it finally happened.

Here she is resting quietly under the apple headlights, her mower blade sitting on top of the hood, lots of rust from her battle scars, a torn seat that carried me many miles of mowing. I will miss you old girl.

While parked under the apple tree I looked up and noticed the sweet, little, pink buds. The promise of sweet, juicy apples later this year.

I looked down and noticed something embedded into the yard. I kicked the grass away with my foot and unearthed the old Pitcher's Mound my kids used throughout their childhood. I had been mowing over that for years and forgot it was there.

This was just the distraction I needed...

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