Monday, April 20, 2009

Pepper Dish is Quilted

I spent 12 hours yesterday free-motion quilting the Pepper Dish Quilt. I am leaving next week on a road trip, and I want to take this along to do the handwork while I am traveling. Most of my bindings, hanging sleeves and labels are sewn on while we are traveling along at 55 mph.

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After the machine quilting was complete, I blocked the quilt top and hung it up on the design wall too cool off a bit. I will square up the edges later. This was a good time for a photo session.

Unfortunately, I had a piece of thread jam between my tension discs and I tried to remove it but it broke off.......I was not happy.......and neither was my machine. The tension was never quite right after that and I was having a lot of thread breakage, which I never have with my Bernina. It is off to the repair shop this week.

Overall I am happy with the machine quilting. The feather was a good choice for the curvy border. I kept the thread colors low contrast so they would blend and not draw too much attention away from the quilt top itself. There are a lot of different fabrics in this quilt, and I didn't want the thread colors competing with them.

If you look closely, you can see where Judy Neimeyer, the pattern designer, has signed my quilt. I made this quilt top in a 3 day workshop with Judy in Idaho in 2006.

When my repaired and freshly cleaned Bernina comes back from the shop I plan to rip out a few stitches on this and fix all the places where the tension was poor. Normally I wouldn't go to this extreme, but I plan to show this quilt and I need it to be the best it can be.

I added this photo to show you just what flash photography can do to a quilt. It completely bleaches all the color out of it and distorts the color. In this photo the green border appears blue, and the gold background looks pale grayish yellow. When photographing your quilts.....turn the flash OFF on your camera. Lighting from the sides is best when shooting indoors. On a non-windy and overcast day, outdoor photography is my favorite.

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Bethany said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I love the colors and I hope you get your machine back soon.

Anonymous said...

LuAnn, you have been busy! Your quilt looks gorgeous. Sorry about your Bernina. But a trip to the repair shop will probably do it good! Enjoy your stitching traveling! Linda G.

Linda Zimmerman said...

WOW!! This quilt is gorgeous!

Cynthia said...

The quilt is fantastic and that quilting is amazing! How do you do that? I'm sure the answer is practice!

LuAnn Kessi said...

Yes, is practice. But practice can be fun! The best thing I ever did was find Patsy Thompson. Her DVD's taught me so much more about free-motion quilting than I ever thought I was capable of. Her teaching style is so relaxed and easy. She makes you believe in your heart that you can truly do it. Click on her name in the blog, and it will take you to her site. You can clips of her videos, and download lots of FREE motifs. You can do it........just start small and build up to bigger quilts.
LuAnn in Oregon

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very incredible quilt. Beautifully done.

meggie said...

This quilt is really lovely! Hope your machine is soon home, in your lovely Thread Shed! It is lovely too!!

Esteemarlu said...

Great tutorial on spray basting. I think I'll do that from now on instead of safety pins.