Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Be Inspired

Thread Inspiration

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Just looking at all this thread gets me inspired!

I am ready to begin the stitching on the Pepper Dish quilt I showed you last week. All the applique is on and it is time to choose some quilting threads. Your thread stash is just as important as your fabric stash. When I begin cutting fabric for a new project, the quilting thread choices are already on my mind. They are another design choice in creating your quilt. While I am working on the quilt top, my mind is also on what backing fabric to choose, and what quilting thread to use for the top and back side of the quilt sandwich. All design decisions. Don't wait until the last minute to choose your threads. Get them out where you can see them............let them inspire you!

Sometimes a simple phrase can inspire people. It could be something impactful, funny or thought provoking. This video is full of those kinds of phrases. Perhaps it can be an inspiring start to your day or week. Click here to view it.

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