Friday, April 3, 2009

Where Inspiration Comes From

Inspiration can come from most anywhere, especially the outdoors. Just being outside in the fresh air and sunshine gets your blood pumping and gets you motivated and just happy to be alive.

I went on a fishing trip with my favorite guy to the Rogue River. It was a sunny day and the river was gorgeous. The river water was so clear you could see the bottom.

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All day long I couldn't take enough pictures of the water. It glistened in the sunlight and was so pure and clear.

The water was such an inspiration to me, I just knew I had to use these images in a journal quilt.....a memory quilt to remember this day.

I decided the water images would be the perfect background. I printed out my favorites, collaged the images together, and the background was complete.

"You Rogue"

I added a few photos of Brad and Suzy over the top of the water images and it was done. I photo-transferred everything onto fabric and quilted it.

The water that inspired me while fishing, continued to inspire me when I returned home to work in the Thread Shed.

Here are a few more images I have taken recently that inspire me. I don't try to analyze why they interest me. I just try and enjoy the enthusiasm that they create in me.

Abandoned store in eastern Oregon

Frozen faucet at the sheep barn

trip to the Tetons

Hens and Hollyhocks in the yard

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What inspires you?

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