Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sketch Book.....more Spine Designs

More designs created from a curvy Spine:

This is a basic curvy spine
but I have added an extra curve 
on the bottom right side of the spine.

Left Page......Curvy Spine w/extra curve at bottom
Right Page.....Plumes added to Spine

This spine has 2 extra curves added to it:

Left Page....curvy spine with extra curve on each side
Right Page.....Plumes added to spine

This is basically the same design as above:

I have drawn the plumes longer and wider...
the bigger plumes take up more space.

 Again, this is the same design as above:

The plumes are much longer and take up more room.

Again, the design is the same as above:

The plumes here are drawn out to fill space...
They take up all available space!

You can do most anything you want with
this basic spine design...

Grab a pad and start drawing...
You will learn as you go.

p.s.  when I am working on fabric, 
the spine line is drawn out in chalk.  
It gives me a guideline to stitch on.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi

Brought to you by 
Gunnr & The Blue Ball


  1. This looks soooooooooo great :-)

  2. Enjoying seeing your drawings and the process of your feathering.......