Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sketch Book....More Quilting Inspiration

Here is more Quilting Inspiration
from my Sketch Book...

Top of Page.....Curvy Grid
Bottom of Page....Larger version of Curvy Grid
I filled in every other space with echo lines of that shape.
The remaining empty spaces are filled in with bubbles or pebbles.
You can fill them in with anything you wish.

 My first attempt at Stacked Feathers:
Draw out the spine...starting at the bottom.
Start adding feathers at the bottom...
after 3 feathers, stack more on top of the 3rd feather.

Have you started your own sketch book yet?

Top of Page......Paisley with Bubbles in center
Bottom of Page......Flames

Top of Page.....Large curl then echo it a few times
Bottom of Page......alternating Swirls and Lines

Today is the day to prepare,
to practice,
to Quilt your own Quilts!

Basic Feather Motif
with grid work behind it.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi

Brought to YOU by:
Gunnr and his Blue Ball


  1. Thank you so much for your inspiring post...i need to practice fmq ...looking out for a sketch book to start

  2. You have a lot of great idea's. Thank you. And I love Gunnr.

  3. Love your sketches! I wish my first stacked feathers were as good as yours! You inspire me! Thank you