Friday, August 24, 2012

Paul Yellowstone

While you have been enjoying my Sketch Book posts 
the last two weeks...

We have been in Yellowstone National Park
visiting our son...

He is working for the Fish and Wildlife 
department this summer.
It was a great excuse to go see him....and the park!

You can see that my Paul Harvey quilt came along to Yellowstone too!

I never leave home without it.....and the camera.

We have visited the park a dozen times over the years and enjoy seeing all of the wildlife.
This year I became infatuated with the RAVENS.
A raven quilt is definitely calling to me.

I brought along my featherweight 221 
and pieced in the evenings.
I filled up several pages in sketch books while traveling.
I will share them with you in the coming days.

For now I am doing non-quilting tasks like unpacking all of the camping gear, washing laundry, going through mail and editing photos.

More to come...

Enjoy the rest of your SUMMER!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Traveling,
LuAnn Kessi


  1. That is amazing! I live in the Arctic and can see one moose every now and then, but to see a herd of buffalo? Hello--that is so cool...

  2. Oh YES! Paul Harvey in yellowstone. Perfect! We love yellowstone (Brian and I took our honey moon there! Love it-so glad you got to go!