Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Calving Season....15 Calves

As of tonight, 

there are 15 calves on the ground...

We checked on the herd this evening before

 dinner and these two little calves were getting

 cozy by the hay feeder.

Mama called, 

so one of the calves ran over to her...

The tally today is...

9 Bulls and 6 Heifer calves

We have had a very wet winter 

here in Western Oregon.

We have been spending time 

treating cows for sore feet.

The cow boss has made the rounds,

it is time to head back home...

A rainbow greeted us on the way back home.

Pulling down the driveway,

the first thing you see is the Camelia Bush

by the Thread Shed.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


dianaupp said...

How do you get those camellias with all that snow? It is beautiful.
Diana in AZ

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Diana,
We live in the coastal mountain range in a tiny valley just 200 feet above sea level. Our winters are mild and very wet with little snowfall. This year we have not had one snowflake fall. Spring is coming early for us this year and after such a wet winter, we are ready for some sunshine.
LuAnn in Western Oregon

Águeda said...

Live surrounded by so much nature and beauty ... LuAnn, you are lucky :)

Bev said...

Wow you live in a beautiful place and I love where you sew....the space mine is sooo tiny

QuiltSwissy said...

What a beautiful place to live.

claudia said...

It certainly has been wet up here! I just realized how much I miss my Camellia back at my old house. Maybe it's time to plant a new one!

Alycia said...

TJust gorgeous!!!