Friday, March 18, 2016

Calving Season......30 Calves

Calving season continues here in 

Western Oregon

This is my favorite calf.....I call her Mini

When she was born she was a mousey gray.....Minnie Mouse.

There is nothing Mini about her...

she is big boned and very sturdy for a heifer calf.

The majority of the calves this year are black

Here is Mini playing with another calf.

We have 30 calves on the ground right now.

The Buzzards have returned to Oregon:

There were two dozen buzzards warming 

themselves on the fence posts this morning.

The tulips in the yard are in bloom:

In spite of all the rain...

they are putting on a show!

The spring grass is coming on...

time to mow the yard!

Iris Leaves:

Water beads up beautifully on Iris leaves...

If you are inspired by my photography,

feel free to use it in your personal art work.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. That's like living in paradise! Nature and sewing!
    (And a lot of work to look after the animals, I know :). You have so much beauty in your home !!!

  2. Ahh!! Minnie Mouse is great!! It is so beautiful there !! Enjoy this time of year

  3. The tulips and the calves are beautiful. Your photography is divine!

  4. You have the most beautiful pictures - do you take photos for a living too? Thanks again for sharing all of those babies! So cute!

  5. Everywhere we drive up here passing the farms with cows, I am seeing so many calves! I love seeing them. Buzzards??? Wow! I haven't seen one up close and personal. I kind of hope not to! ;)