Friday, March 4, 2016

Art Beads.......Hearts, Houses, Owls

Making more Art Beads...

I am playing around with crackle texture 

on polymer clay...

I dug around in the cupboard and found

 3 different brands of crackle medium:

The Delta brand in the center of the image 

made the largest crackles.

All 3 brands worked equally well.

I hand shaped the hearts from polymer clay

then baked them

then painted them with acrylic paint...

Then the crackle medium was applied 

over the dry paint.

The crackle happens as the medium dries.

They have been glazed and are ready 

to be put into a piece of jewelry.

I had so much fun creating these 

grunge house beads:

I am creating jewelry with them today

so I will post images soon!

Owl beads.....hard to resist:

Owl beads.....fresh from the oven

Hand-shaped Owl Beads

I use acrylic paint to highlight their feathers...

The paint reminds me of shaving cream 

when a man is shaving his face!

I immediately wipe off the paint...

it remains in the recesses of the feathers.

 The next step is to glaze these:

I am thinking these will make 

awful sweet bracelets.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

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