Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Peeps.....are HERE

8am.....The Peeps arrived at the Feed Store:

They flew into Portland Airport...

We rushed to the feed store to pick them up...

They arrive in little boxes...

They are sorted by breed...

They are 2 days old.....the size of a cotton ball

The feed store keeps them here...

The heat lamps keep them cozy and warm...

They go right to the water feeder.....
They are thirsty after their ride on the airplane.

Gunner patiently waits outside in the pick up:

Gunnr just adores the baby chicks

Gunnr gives them a good smell,
then we head home with the new babies

Brad unloads each chick and gives them a drink of water

Rhode Island Red Chick

Wyandotte Chick

Gunnr is excited to have baby peeps again...

Within minutes the baby chicks are eating and drinking
and scurrying all around the brooder box

The chicks will be raised in the 4 x 8 foot brooder box
over the next 3 months
until they are big enough to live in the hen house

This will be Gunnr's view...

while the chicks are living on our patio behind the house


Now I better head out to the Thread Shed and
get to work on the

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Baby Peeps,
LuAnn Kessi

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Cindy said...

Adorable! My sister-in-law,Tammy loves chickens and has quite a collection on her farm. They are so cute when they are little chicks!