Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rust Dyeing a Culvert Screen...

One last Rusting Experiment...

Click Images to Enlarge:

It's inside this large bundle in the back yard...

Cement Blocks are placed on top to keep pressure on the fabric so it makes contact with the rusty metal.

This has been here for 3 days in very hot weather, which makes the rusting go faster.

Cement Blocks and Plastic Removed:

Lots of Rusty Color...

The Fabric is still wet with Vinegar at this point...

Detail View of Wet Rusty Fabric

After Drying Overnight...

The Culvert Screen underneath the fabric created a beautiful rusty grid across the surface of the fabric

I flipped the fabric over to the back side...

The rusting looks different on the back side.
Where the fabric touched the metal, it created white marks.

Detail View of Back side of Rusted Fabric

This is a 2 yard piece of rusted fabric.
Quite a variety of rusting designs throughout this one piece.

Tips: The culvert screen was very rusty to start with.
The weather was very warm, which helps the rusting process.
The bundle was wrapped tightly in plastic to keep it wet.
Heavy blocks were placed on top to keep pressure on the fabric to remain in contact with the rusty screen.

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Helen said...

Love your blog. You lead a very interesting and busy life. Your work is outstanding and inspiring. Thanks so much for the tutorials. I hope to use one of your photos in the future - you take some amazing shots. I can't wait to find some rusty items to use. We live in ranch country, so I keep looking. The culvert screen created an amazing fabric. Love it.

Vicki W said...


Barbara said...

For months, all over the globe, people have been unwrapping their rusted cloth - yours is by far THE most outstanding - absolutely stunning pattern - I'd hate to put the cutter to it LOL -

great respect to you !

RuffHaven said...

Thank you for all the rusty inspiration.

Kate said...

Fabulous!! Now every time I'm out with DH all I seem to say to him is..""Keep your eyes peeled for rusty things!!"" lol

Quilthaze said...

Amazing fabric! How long did you leave it on the metal? i have a drain cover in my garden which might work!

LuAnn Kessi said...

I added a few tips to the bottom of this post in hopes of answering some of your questions.
The biggest factor is the object needs to be very rusty to start with, a lot of heat helps the bundle brew during the dyeing process, and wrapping the bundle tightly to keep the fabric in contact with the rusted object helps a lot.
Of course, the fun part of this dye process's like a box of never know what you're gonna get.
I have always been happy with the results.
Some pieces remain intact, while I slide others up for borders, applique' etc.
Every piece of rust dyed fabric has something to offer.
You do not need a large rusted object like a culvert screen. Small pieces like rusty nails, screws, washers, nuts bolts also make wonderful rusty fabrics. An old rusty coffee can is perfect to wrap your fabric around, wire it tightly, place in a plastic bag to rust.
Be sure to soak your fabric in vinegar before you wrap it up. Also, use a piece of fabric that is not too big. I like to use fat quarter size pieces of white fabrics, unless the rusty object is huge.
My best advice is to just jump in and try it.
You will get better results each time rust dye.
My Best To All of You,
LuAnn in Oregon