Monday, August 16, 2010

Sun Dyeing Results Continued...

Here are a few more pieces from Sun Dyeing yesterday...

Click Images to Enlarge:

Alder Leaves and Rock Salt on painted fabric...

They made a wonderful resist on this piece !

Tulip Lace Curtain on top of Pink painted fabric...

The BIG reveal...

It worked !

Lace curtain panel on red painted fabric...

This one will be great fun to quilt on !

Cheesecloth on top of blue & purple painted fabric...

The BIG reveal...

Cheesecloth may be my favorite resist on painted fabrics !

Plastic Snowflakes on top of blue painted fabric...

I created a saturated blue paint to get a good print

Blue Lace over the top of black painted fabric...

I use a lot of black & white fabrics.
This will be a great addition to the stash!

Black Paint covered with plastic cling wrap...

The cling wrap creates a wonderful texture.
This could be used as rocks or asphalt in a landscape quilt.
It also makes a great background for applique work, which I love.
I can also stencil on it with opaque paints...lots of options.

These are a few botanicals I found up in the timber last week:
Ferns, Sheep Sour, Queen Anne's Lace & Alder Leaves
I pressed them in a phone book to preserve them for a few days.
They were perfect for sun dyeing...

They are firmly pinned down to the foam core board to keep them flat against the painted fabric to encourage better printing.

This sun print is my favorite of the day...
" Nature Walk "

Paint Brushes & Trays clean and drying in the kitchen window

Now that the clean-up is all done...

I can heat-set the painted fabrics and begin planning a few new textile projects with them.......yummy !

Enjoying the sunshine here in western Oregon

LuAnn and Brad

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


  1. I must send my thrifting friend shopping for lace curtain panels now!

  2. Some really great pieces!! WOW! So clever and results are wonderful!

  3. Well now I have to try this after seeing all your beauties. Is Setacolor the only paints to use for sun dyeing? Love your site!

  4. Hi Corliss,

    Setacolors are my favorites for sun dyeing.

    Dye Na Flow are also wonderful.

    I have also been told that Golden Fluid Acrylics also work nicely for sun dyeing.

    Mix the paints 1 to 1 with water to make them fluid to flow across the fabric.

    Also, wet the fabric down with a sprayer when you begin.

    Keep everything very flat against the painted fabric before placing it in the sun.

    Have Fun!

    LuAnn Kessi

  5. You have used such wonderful items for your sunprints. Giving me some great ideas too.
    Did you know you can also 'sunprint' all winter long in your basement.
    The printing is dependent upon the drying factor of the air, not the light that is present in the room. Try a piece overnight inside.
    Ricky in Winnipeg