Sunday, August 22, 2010

Metal Play Day...

Kathi, my metal Guru came over and we had a play day
with METAL

She is a Welder/Quilter and inspires me in all things METAL

Here are a few things I made with metal sheets and foil

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A stencil was used to trace this birch leaf and emboss it into the metal

An Oak Leaf stencil was used to emboss this image in metal

We played around with Alcohol Inks to color the metal sheets

This is a piece of very firm aluminum foil that I peeled off the top of a coffee can.
When I rolled the foil out flat, it created creases....that resemble a leaf.
Alcohol Inks were used to enhance the leaf image.

The next 3 pieces are free-form leaves I drew out by hand

Sandpaper was used to remove some of the ink and distress the metal

Kitchen Shears worked nicely to cut the metal sheets into circles

This metal is thin enough to sew through.
I plan to stitch it into my quilts...

Playing around with a leftover scrap of sheet metal

This might be a great way to label a metal quilt...

Garden Gate
You had to walk through our vegetable garden, to go through this gate, to get out to the barn. We have since moved our garden spot, but we still fondly refer to this as the Garden Gate.

Horse Shoe Gate Latch
I remember watching Brad build this gate, and anxiously waiting for him to add the final touch, the Horse Shoe Gate Latch.
After 23 years, it has so much character.

Metal is on my mind...
and soon will be on my quilts !

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Metal,

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