Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sun Dyeing Results...

Never waste a sunny day in Western Oregon !

I pulled out the sun dyeing supplies...

Setacolor Textile Paints and lots of brushes...

Let's see where the day takes us...

Painted Fabrics drying in the sunshine...

This is a rug making grid on top of the wet paint...

This is what the fabric looks like after it has dried in the sunshine

The paints are sensitive to the sun.
The grid acted as a resist.

Fiddlehead Ferns on wet painted fabric...

Straight pins holding the ferns down firmly in place

The BIG Reveal...

The ferns left a very crisp and clear image

Plastic Cling Wrap on top of wet paint in the sunshine

The BIG Reveal...

Glad I tried the plastic....makes a great texture!

A curtain panel on top of the painted fabric...

Makes a great textured grid-like pattern

Queen Anne's Lace & Tansy Leaves

This one makes a rather 3-D image

I have lots more....but this post is getting way too long.

I will save the rest for another day...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


  1. These have worked out beautifully..... I enjoy seeing all the different things you do.... Hugz

  2. That is just amazing! I wish I could take a class from you!!!!

  3. LuAnne you are so talented... Thanks for sharing

  4. I encourage all of you to give fabric painting a try.
    No special fabric is needed, other than a high quality cotton: Broadcloth, Sateen or any good quality white fabric.
    Setacolor Transparent Paints, DyeNaFlow by Jacquard, Golden Fluid Acrylics.
    Be sure to mix the paints with water 1 to 1 ratio.
    Dark, intense colors give the best sun print results.
    Too much water dilutes the paints and does not give a crisp image.
    Place the white fabric on a 20x30 inch foam core board and pin in place. Spray with water to wet the fabric. With a brush or sponge, paint the wet fabric,
    Place the objects on top, then set in the sun.
    Also the objects placed on top of the painted fabric must be completely flat, pin them down if you need to.
    There is no difficulty involved in this technique.
    Botanicals are my favorites to place on painted fabric.
    Also a good hot day with plenty of sunshine is a requirement. The faster the fabric dries, the better your images will be.
    Set the paints with a hot iron for 5 minutes.
    They are completely washable after the paint is heat set.

    Just Jump In and Give it a Try!

  5. Hi LuAnn,
    i was attempting to do some some dyeing this past weekend and it was an epic fail :( i will try again this weekend.. but i was wondering what type of salt do you use to make those specks?

  6. I use Kosher Salt on the wet fabric.

  7. Kaleonani,
    What kind of failures did you experience in your sun dyeing. Perhaps I can steer you in the right direction.
    What kind of textile paints are you using?
    Are you putting them in the hot, direct sun to dry?
    Are you using dark, rich colors?

  8. Well I wasn't exactly sure how to dye the fabric so I tried two different ways, tie dye & painting on, but I think I didn’t get the fabric wet enough when I painted on the colors. Oh and as for the paints I’m using the pebeo setacolor transparent 10 pack... I think I wasn’t prepared; I should have straightened all my possible stencils. This is the closest:

    Also I think I should have worked in the shade first instead of trying to do everything out in the sun… maybe that activated the paint? I’m not quite sure…

  9. Kaleonani,
    The Setacolors are wonderful for sundyeing.
    Mix them 1 part paint to 2 parts water.
    If you dilute them too much, your colors will be cloudy.
    Deeper richer colors are best, avoid yellow.
    Yes, work in the shade and keep everything very moist.
    The sundyeing takes place the first 15 minutes they are exposed to the sun.
    Also, whatever you place on top of the paint, as a resist, must remain perfectly flat pressed against the fabric, so I like to work on a foam core board and pin everything down firmly, then sprinkle the salt then place it out in the sun until it is bone dry.
    Have Fun!

  10. Thanks for the tutorials LuAnn! I just ordered some paints, and I'm so excited.

    Florence Turnour