Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Raffle Quilt......Women's Cancer Coalition

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In May 2009 the Harlan Valley Quilters of Harlan Oregon pieced this floral quilt top.
It is a Disappearing 9 Patch Technique.
CLICK HERE to view a tutorial.

This week I put a scallop binding on it.

After I marked the placement of the scalloped line all around the edges of the quilt, I sewed the BIAS binding on it....following my marked line.

NEVER cut the edge off until the binding is completely sewn down by machine.
This is a bias edge, and it will stretch if you cut it BEFORE you sew on the binding.

Now you are ready to trim off the excess quilt edges.
I snip directly into where the 2 scallops meet. Cut right up to your sewing line.
Be very careful not to cut into the stitching.

TIP: I like to leave an extra 1/8 inch beyond the edge of the binding.
This gives me a full binding when I fold it over to the back.
You do not want your binding to feel hollow.
You want it nice and full and round.

This is what the quilt edge will look like after you have trimmed off all of the excess quilt edge.

TIP: I like to trim a bit at first, then fold the binding over to the back to see if I have enough edge to fill the binding up nice and plump.

The next thing you need is a 10 hour road trip over to Eastern Oregon 500 miles one way....then back home get the binding sewn down to the back side!

We pulled in the driveway last night at midnight.....and the binding was done!
I just love travel stitching...

This photo with the flash turned off really enhances the quilting stitches.

"Vintage Beauty"

Donated by JanniLou Creations Quilt Shop of Philomath, Oregon

To the Women's Cancer Coalition.
Raffle tickets will be sold through October 2010 for this quilt.
Proceeds will benefit Women's Cancer Programs.

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May All Your Quilts be Scalloped,

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  1. wooohooo!!!! the Quilt looks wonderful! That binding is like Icing on a Cake... the perfect finishing touch, wow it sets the scallops off perfectly. Is that going to be our name for it "Vintage Beauty"? it fits perfectly for that quilt. Kathi

  2. Hi Kathi.........I had the quilt spread out on the table overnight, the next day I walked into the Thread Shed and saw it......I thought to myself......"What a Vintage Beauty." So there you have it.....this quilt finally has a name........Vintage Beauty.
    I am taking it into Corvallis on Friday. The Women's Cancer Coalition will begin selling raffles tickets during their Breast Cancer Awareness event on October 22, 2009.
    Need to get the label sewn better get going.

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  4. This is a wonderful tutorial! I have never tried scallops because it was too intimidating. This way of doing it seems more of a possibility. Someday I hope I will have the nerve to do it! The quilt is gorgeous!

  5. Oh my - what a lovely quilt. EVery time I study the D9P, I get 'lost' in the design/layout.

    I also was intimidated by scallops until one day, I tried them, and voila! It worked fine the first time, using precautions, going slow, NOT trimming the cut scalloped edge until AFTER. Thanks for the eye candy!

  6. This is so great!
    Thanks for the how-to...and what a beautiful quilt.