Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Board...

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Big Board
30 x 65 inches

This is the best place to press.
Great for pressing quilt backings, blocking finished quilts, large fused applique work, a large design surface and work area.

Bottom side of Big Board

The big board sits directly on top of my regular ironing board.
I can take it on and off easily if I need to.

The wooden slats keep the big board from slipping off my regular ironing board.

The Big Board is not fastened in anyway, it just sits directly on top of the regular ironing board.

"After Midnight"

Quilting on Foiled Fabric is Complete

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Dancer & Freckles

I have been outdoors enjoying the last of our autumn weather.
As I walk through the fields capturing images with the camera, I am not alone.

Dancer just can't help wandering closer and closer to check out the camera.

Before I know it...he has the camera strap in his lips.
I think this was a hint to stop taking pictures and give him a good scratching.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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  1. too funny about Dancer! I've used one of those big ironing boards at a retreat, and just have to get the hubbie to make me one. Your pictures will definitely help out there - thanks! Love the finished quilting on foiled fabric - incredible work once again!

  2. That's exactly what I need to do - big pressing board.

    You just keep cranking those quilts out - beautiful!

  3. love your big board- where did you find it?

  4. Hi Wen,
    The big board is homemade: 5/8 inch particle board/press board cut 30 x 65 inches. The Home Depot will cut it for you. 2x2 inch boards are screwed onto the bottom side of the board to hold it in place when it sits on top of the regular ironing board. I covered the board with 2 layers of cotton batting, the silver heat resistant fabric, and then a slippery cotton fabric (helps everything glide as I iron). You can buy ready made Big Boards for $100 plus shipping, but they are much smaller than mine, plus you have to purchase a cover for it.
    Once you have a big board......nothing else will do.
    I watched your Holograph video are a delight and so talented. Keep up the great art.