Monday, October 12, 2009

Couching Foiled Fabric

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I decided to add fibers on top of the quilting lines across the center of the foil fabric.
My favorite way to couch threads is using my free motion feet.
Above you can see the 3 different free motion or darning feet I use.

I started out with the darning foot that is a half circle shape.
This gives me perfect visibility when I am trying to follow a line on the quilt surface.
Stitch in place a few times to anchor the fiber down.
Then slowly top stitch along the fiber.
I do not zig zag as this compresses the fibers, and I want them to remain fuzzy.

When couching a very fuzzy fiber I use the big plastic darning foot.
It does not snag the fibers like the open toe foot sometimes does.

End your stitching line with several stitches in place to tack the fiber down good

This image displays fibers couched down, you can barely see the stitching.
On the right side I have 2 more quilting lines to couch over yet.

This is what the original piece looked like after it was foiled...

This is the completed piece...ready to bind.

"Golden Moments"

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your show! Love your work and thanks for sharing with us. Belinda

Sabine said...

Thanks a lot, LuAnn, for showing this technique. I had never thought of this way of couching before.
By the way, I accidentally clicked the "translate" button, and when I looked at the page again, I was surprised to find a completely nonsensical text in German. Maybe this hint is useful for you.