Friday, October 2, 2009

Evolution of a Quilter -Virtual Tour of Exhibit 6

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Journal Quilt Exhibit

Fairy Business

This is an image of my grandniece, Devn.

The look on her face speaks volumes.

I knew this would become a quilt someday.

By removing the original background in the photo, I was able to add the pink rose that grows in our yard, along with butterfly wings, crystal ball and hand.

Devn has a very solemn look on her face, as if to say, “This fairy business isn’t for Sissies”


LuAnn McDonald Kessi

Harlan, Oregon

Techniques: Photo Transfer to Fabric, Machine Appliqué, Free Motion Quilting, Fast Fuse Binding.

Photograph Courtesy of Amber Vogler

How Old Would You Be?

In honor of turning another year older in July 2007, I created this self-portrait journal quilt.

30 years have passed since this photo was taken of me at the age of 17 years young.

I am still the same girl today!

LuAnn McDonald Kessi

Harlan, Oregon


Techniques: Photo Transfer, Glue Stick Machine Appliqué, Free Motion Feather Quilting, Traditional Hand-Sewn Binding, Original Design.

Quilt Pink

This is a memory quilt created from leftover scraps found in the trash after a volunteer work day to create quilts to benefit “Quilt Pink.”

I made so many wonderful new quilting friends who gave of their time & talents for such a worthwhile cause. The quilts we created together were auctioned off with proceeds benefitting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

LuAnn McDonald Kessi

Harlan, Oregon


Techniques: Paper Piecing, Machine Appliqué’,

Free Motion Feathered Quilting,

Free Motion Machine Beading, Original Design

The Imprint

Trees remind me of my grandfather, Nicholas Fusco. Born in 1898 an immigrant from Italy.

I remember as a child holding his hand as he lead me through his vegetable garden; sitting under the grape arbor with him and eating grapes warm from the sun. Grampa could make anything grow.

This father of 11 children worked three different jobs to support his family. One of which was landscaping. Over the years he planted trees in his town.

When I visit New Jersey I enjoy traveling through grampa’s home town to see those big, beautiful trees he planted. I feel as if I am visiting with a little bit of grampa’s soul.

Today when I plant my own garden, flowers, trees or shrubs, I think of grampa and how much he loved his home and garden and how, in his own loving way, he left his

imprint on the landscape.

LuAnn McDonald Kessi

Harlan, Oregon


Techniques: Melted Crayon Mono-printing, Hand Beading, Free Motion Machine Quilting, Self-Bound Edge, Original Design.

Melted Crayon Class taught by Virginia Gregory

If you are in the Corvallis, Oregon area you can see my quilts in person.

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