Friday, October 30, 2009

Cattle Quilt & Bias Squares...

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We raise commercial beef cattle so I am always on the look out for great cow fabric.
When I saw this....I bought the whole bolt.
I have made a few quilts with it and some pillowcases so far...

Our friend, who raises cattle himself, is in need of a comfort quilt.
I have just the fabric!

Fabric for Sawtooth Star Blocks
I have decided to include stars in the quilt.
I pulled golds, blues, and creams from my stash for the star blocks.

Cattle Quilt.....Design Work
Here are a few fabrics I pulled from the stash.
I am thinking brown and gold border fabrics.

Fabric looks like cattle brands...
I'm not sure if this fabric will work or not, but it reminds me of brands.

Bias Squares Strip Set
When you are in need of a lot of bias squares this is the very best and most accurate method with very little waste.
I need 80 bias squares for the 10 star blocks.

Back To Square One Book
This book includes instructions for making Bias Square Strip Sets

Feathered Star Book
This book also contains instructions for creating Bias Square Strip Sets

Ocean Waves Book
Yes, the book also included directions.

Guide to Rotary Cutting
This one also contains directions.

Look around your quilt library, maybe one of your books includes this method.
I recommend it highly.
I have been making bias squares this way for 10 years.

Security Blanket
Also known as a "Leader Square"
I start and end all of my piecing with a scrap of fabric.
All of the threads are secured to this square, and no threads on my work.
I don't have to hold the two threads when beginning to stitch, the security blanket does that for me.

Assembly Line Piecing
I assembly line or chain piece every opportunity I get.
Just feed one piece in behind the last one, no stopping, starting or cutting threads.
Saves a lot of time and thread.

Assembly Line Piecing
Pile up all of your pieces to the left of your sewing machine.
Feed them through one right after the other until they are all pieced.

Security Blanket
Don't forget to sew a Security Blanket to the very end of your Assembly Line Piecing.
Then snip the threads and leave this security blanket in place.

Straight Stitch Throat Plate
When sewing very pointy pieces, the fabric can sometimes get shoved down into the machine by the needle.
By using a straight stitch throat plate (not an oblong zig zag throat plate) the pointy pieces of fabric will feed through beautifully.

Bias Square Strip Set
All Sewn and ready to be pressed.

Bias Square Strip Set
Ready to cut into Bias Squares.
This Bias Square Ruler is one of my all-time favorites!

Cutting Bias Squares
Line up the 45 degree line on your seam.
I am cutting 2.5 inch squares.

Cutting Bias Squares
Continue down the bias square strip set and cut squares.
Then, rotate the squares and trim the other side.
This gives you a perfectly accurate bias square with no stretching.
You never deal with tiny triangles, and there is very little waste of fabric.

Sawtooth Star Blocks
I put all of my cut pieces on a flannel board.
They are easily transported from the cutting table, to the sewing machine, to the ironing board.

Tomorrow I will complete the quilt top and begin basting...

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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  1. I just love your blog. Your instructions are concise. Your photos are focused. You are the perfect teacher:) Thanks!

  2. LuAnn, I've seen continuous piecing before but never the bias cut you show. Outstanding instructions! I'll be sure to use this in future. thanks