Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quilt Exhibit....Last Call to see the Show

My quilt exhibit is closing on October 27, 2009.

One week left to see the show...

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The exhibit gallery is a round room, which gives a nice flow to the display of the quilts.

I spent the morning at the exhibit with my very favorite people.

This was my first opportunity to get a full view image of my sunflower quilt measuring 100 x 100 inches square.

Detail view of Sunflower Quilt

CLICK HERE to see more on creating the Sunflower Quilt

Viewing the exhibit with my family was an emotional experience for us all.
It is so rare for any of us to see such a body of our work displayed together in one room.
Many of my pieces are stored away and my family has not seen them for a few years.
Let's just say, the exhibit took us back a few years...

Strength & Courage

Heath & I standing with his graduation quilt.
It was my first big leap into contemporary quilting and original design work.

This quilt represents all the things Heath loves in life.

Birthday Surprise

Nicholas and I are pictured here with his memory quilt.
What great fun we had the day he brought home his new puppy, taking photos in the snow.

Nicholas has a graduation quilt created in 2001.
He has slept under it for 8 years now...and wasn't about to give it up for the show!

Here is the man that makes all of this possible, my favorite guy, Brad

We are standing in front of his favorite quilt, Cabin in the Woods.
It took quite a bit of convincing to get him to take it off the living room wall so I could display it here.


Here we are with Cowgirl framed under glass.
She spent 14 years riding in the pick up truck with Brad.
There will never be another farm dog like her.


This quilt hangs in our coffee room at home.
Brad has the room decorated in Buffalo.

Memories of Yellowstone

A memory quilt created after a wonderful family vacation in Yellowstone Park.

What a wonderful time we all had at the exhibit together.
I hope you had a chance to visit it yourself.
There is one week left to see the show.

CLICK HERE to see more on this exhibit

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9:30 - 1:30 Mon-Fri

May Your Life & Family be Quilted Together,

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  1. LuAnn - how wonderful that your family were all able to meet up and take a look at your quilting accomplishments all in one place! Lovely,

    Linda G. at rgranch!