Monday, July 1, 2013

Quilting Sketch Book......Fern Motif

Fiddle Head Ferns are a constant source of 

inspiration here in Western Oregon...

They grow everywhere!

This is my first attempt at drawing out a fern.

I approached the fern the same way I do a feather...

start with a spine and stitch out leaves 

instead of plumes.

I enjoyed drawing the long, slender leaves

of the fern...

Before I went to the machine...

I practiced drawing ferns on the dry erase board.

My favorite tool in my free motion quilting tool box!

Here is how I stitch out the fern...

I start at the bottom and stitch up the spine to the top.

Then I work my way back down 

adding leaves to the left side.

Then I add leaves to the right side, 

working my way back up.

There is no back tracking at all.

Fiddle Head Fern Motif

Here is the Fiddle Head Fern stitched into a Quilt:

Calypso Quilt

I used a wool batting...

which adds so much extra texture!

We have been working out doors in the flower beds:

The climbing rose is responding to 

our tender loving care...

The blooms last for weeks!

This is about as much help as we can get out of

Gunnr when we are working in the flower beds:

Gunnr is a free loader when it comes to yard work...

He's not very good company either...

taking a nap while we work!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

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  1. Amazing! Love the fern. Really love the nap picture. Hugs, Karen