Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quilting Sketch Book....Asymmetrical Feathers

A Peek into my Quilting Sketch Book

This is a one sided or asymmetrical feather

The plumes are stitched on one side only

Instead of plumes, I added leaves to this one

I learned these years ago from a tutorial DVD 

Look what's blooming in the front yard:

Light Blue Hydrangea

Also in the front yard:

Dark blue Hydrangea

They look purple in the strong sun light

Freckles the cow mama and her yearling calves

are just outside the front yard fence.

Life continues in the Hay Fields:

3 Hay fields have been cut, raked and baled...

3 more hay fields to go...

Gunnr enjoys the summer breeze from the back seat 

of the pick up parked in the hay field...

Life is Good!

8:45 pm.....Sunset in the Hay Fields

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. I have "hydrangea envy"!! My poor little plant is struggling after last year's drought (and the fact that it was dug up and wintered under a grow lamp and was planted this spring during torrential rains in S.E. MN). I really like the leaf-feather a lot. I have found Patsy's tutorials to be very helpful and inspiring as is your blog. I am so glad I am following it!! Hugs.....Doreen

  2. Those Hydrangreas are to die for! the colors are beautiful.
    I also love the colors in that sunset.

  3. Love those feathers and the hydrangeas. I forgot whee you live but you must have humidity to grow hydrangeas, right? Beautiful!!!