Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quilting the Mixed Media Bird Quilt...

I decided to quilt grasses and leaves on this bird quiltlet.

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Machine Quilting Thread Audition

The quilting needs to be subtle and not compete with the strong visual images on this mixed media journal quilt.
This YLI Variations green thread should work...

Size 60 Needles

Because this piece contains paper, I am using a tiny 60 needle so I make very tiny holes in the paper portions.
The YLI Variations thread also works nicely in a 60 needle.
It is a 35 wt thread, but only 2 ply, so is thin.

Bobbin Thread

John Flynn designed this "So Fine" thread with Superior Threads.
It is wonderful in the bobbin.
It blends in beautifully on the back side of the quilt and does not call attention to itself, especially when the quilting is not the best it could be.

Bobbin Tension

So Fine thread is very skinny.
Be sure to tighten the tension screw on the side of the bobbin housing.
Righty Tight - Lefty Loosey

Adding some vine trim

I found this at the craft store with all the ribbons and trims.
I have had it for a year or more, and it has finally found a home on this quiltlet.
I Pinned it in place, then free motion quilted over the vine and leaves.

Detail View

" The Audition"

My friend, Virginia, saw the bird on the sheet music and decided he was waiting for his audition.........what a perfect name!

Camellia Bush

Thread Shed.....March 2010

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS! I love everything about it...ok so birds always do it for me! I so enjoy your blog and your art quilts are amazing