Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Color.....Lots and Lots of Color

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I Love You to the Stars and Back Again
65 x 65 inches
Original Design by Me

This quilt has been laying around "basted" for over a year!
Today is the day it goes under the needle...

This is so full of color it is Juicy!

Just looking at this quilt energizes me!

I am trying out my new camera.....we are both in a transition mode trying to get used to one another.......I hope the camera has patience with me.

YLI Variations Polyester 35 wt Thread

This quilt is about the color, about the fabric.
The thread work is secondary, just something to hold the layers together.
I don't expect too much of the stitching to stand out.

This is the brightest, juiciest thread I have in my stash!

Superior Threads Bottom Line Thread

The backing is a bit of "Back Art" and very busy.
I think this yellow thread will blend with all the fabrics on the back.

Adjusting Bobbin Tension

This Bottom Line thread is very thin 60 wt polyester.
This requires that I tighten the screw on the bobbin housing.
Righty Tight.....Lefty Loosey

Quilting Thread: YLI Variations
80/12 Needle

YLI Variations is a 35 wt thread.
However, it is no thicker than a 50 wt cotton.
Therefore, I am using an 80/12 Needle.

Warm Up Sandwich

I am testing out the tension between the YLI 35 wt quilting thread and the 60 wt Bottom Line Thread.

While testing the tension, it gives me time to warm up a bit before I start stitching the actual quilt...

First Star Block Quilted

I designed this block so the star points would float.
Even a beginner can piece this block without cutting off the star points!

Borders Quilted

5:30 pm......Calling it a Day

After trying out the new camera, testing threads and needles, I managed to complete about 1/3 of the quilt in 2 hours time.
I am using Patsy Thompson's "Innies & Outies" quilting design.
It is perfect for this very busy and very colorful quilt.

Wish I could get back to this tomorrow......but I am headed into town.
I will post more when I get this JUICY quilt done!

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CLICK HERE to see this completed Quilt

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Color,


  1. Yummy. Bright and cheery. Your meandering quilting is perfect. Sets it off perfectly.

  2. love the colors and the stars. Very nice quilt.

  3. The colors are fantastic -- and the thread selections will jazz up the final look of the quilt!

  4. What a happy beautiful quilt. Thank so much for the good info.

  5. I LOVE it!!! I want that machine too!