Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For The Birds......Mixed Media Textile Art

Playing with Mixed Media Supplies...

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Mixed Media Journal Quilt

Audition 1

Fabric Foundation has stabilizer on the back.
Song Book Paper, Bird image from a book, Packet of Seeds, Subscription card from a Magazine, Fabric with musical notes

Audition 2

I just had to add this second gold finch!
The more yellow I add to this piece, the better it gets.

Audition 3

I moved the little bird down to the bottom and moved the packet of seeds up top.
This allows the bigger finch to remain the focal point.

I used Gel Medium to hold everything down to the foundation fabric.
I am now ready to baste and get this under the needle...

Speaking of Birds.....

Bald Eagle

This big guy was in our back yard today.
This is his favorite tree.
He looks down on the river below and does his fishing from here.

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May Your Bobbin Be Full,

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Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

How awesome to have a bald eagle in your tree!!! That would be a real treat.