Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quilting.......on Sacred Ground

The Mail Man delivered a Package today...

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From Heartbreak to Hope
Purple Quilt Project

This package contained purple strips of fabric with names signed on them.

The purple strips were sewn together and measure 7 feet long

I do not know the people whose names are on these strips, but I feel a genuine closeness to them.
They have all been touched by Alzheimer's

Charlotte H. of Waldwick New Jersey

I was born in New Jersey

Thelma V. OBrien Bergenfield, New Jersey

I was raised in New Jersey and most of my family lives there today.

Louis Petix Bronxville, New York

I lived just minutes from New York

Myron S. New York City

School Field Trips took me to the Statue of Liberty, riding the ferry in the New York Harbor, and to the museums of New York.

Ted Lannigan of Seaside, Oregon
Margurite Miller of Phoenix, Oregon

I have called Oregon home for the last 26 years.

These names are important to me.
I feel as if I am on sacred ground.

I have been invited to quilt this 7 foot purple quilt.
It will be part of 118 purple quilts in a new exhibit:
Alzheimer's Illustrated
From Heartbreak to Hope

As I quilt on this sacred ground, I will choose my stitches thoughtfully and treat this quilt with gentle hands, as I know there is another quilter out there who is also quilting one of these purple quilts which contains the name of my grandmother, Helen Fusco of New Providence, New Jersey.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Alz Art Quilt Initaitive said...

Sacred ground, indeed. Thank you so much for your help with this project for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.

Ami Simms

Kathleen C. said...

Thank you from all of us who have donated a quilt to AAQI.
Kathleen C.