Friday, March 26, 2010

Permission 2 Play - Mixed Media Class

The Table is set.....Let the FUN Begin!

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Instructor: Kathi Borrego
has all of the mixed media supplies ready for her students when they arrive.

Kathi explains the definition of Mixed Media Quilts

Mixed Media Class Sample Quilt
By: Kathi Borrego

This journal quilt includes: Fabric, sheet music, used tea bags, pages from books, Good Earth Tea Wrapper, jello printed cloth, metal feather keys, used postage stamps.

Class Sample Quilt
By Instructor: Kathi Borrego

This journal quilt includes: Fabric, handmade paper, tissue paper, used postage stamps, papers from books, clothing tag, covered in tulle.

Mixed Media Supplies:
Game pieces, old jewelery, buttons, ribbons & fibers, metal hinges, sewing machine feet, bottle caps, used tea bags & coffee filters, dyed dryer sheets, painted paper towels, seed packets, maps, sheet music, labels, fabrics, tulle, tissue pattern papers and most anything you can sew down to a quilt!

Tea Dyeing Sheet Music

Students: Barbara & Emily designing mixed media journal quilts.
Instructors: Cindy & Kathi in background.

Student: Kathy's layout
Coffee Theme

Student: Jan's initial layout
Garden Theme
She later tea dyed the sheet music before assembling her quilt.

Student: Barbara's layout
A memory quilt of her mother.

Virginia's initial layout

Mariah's Mixed Media Journal Quilt

Mariah went right to work free motion quilting her mixed media journal quilt.
Mariah's grandmother is one of our P2Play instructors.
Mariah was on spring break this week, and is always a fun guest at our classes.

I will post images of the completed mixed media quilts next month!

Warm Hugs to JanniLou Creations Quilt Shop in Philomath, Oregon for providing us with their beautiful classroom space each month.

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