Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moose Lodge.......Quilting the MOOSE

Time to Quilt the Moose...

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I was tempted to do lots of threadplay on these guys....nah!
I chose a simple line of stitching following the silhouette of the moose.
After all, I think there are 12 of these guys in the borders.
Threadwork would have taken days!

I started at the top of the front leg, on the edge.

I followed the shape of the leg down to the hoof.
Then I went back up the other side of the leg.

I inlined all four legs, then echo quilted back over to where I started.

Then I just echo quilted the lines moving in a North to South direction.

The moose are heavily quilted, it added texture, and didn't take very long.

The moose come in all shapes and sizes on this quilt.
Even this tall skinny moose quilted up nicely in the same manner as above.

She who is lazy.....pays for it later!

My rule of thumb is to clean out the bobbin area between every new bobbin.
It has become a habit.....but for some didn't do it.

It came back to haunt me!
I started breaking bobbin thread. I re-threaded the bobbin and re-threaded the top several times, but it kept breaking.

I took off the throat plate and what a mess!
That heavy YLI Green Variegated thread really built up a lot of lint in just a few hours.

Look at that linty mess in the bobbin area!
It was creating a tangled mess out of the bobbin thread and causing it to break!

I work more with trilobal polyester threads anymore, which don't have lint build up.
I forgot just how fuzzy those heavy cotton threads can be!

Learned my lesson.......clean out after every bobbin!

This little flashlight lives in the drawer next to the sewing machine.
It comes in handy when I need to see underneath into the bobbin area.

Quilting the Border Background Next...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be CLEAN and Full,

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