Friday, January 22, 2010

Foil Quilts......Finishing Up

Finishing up a few quilts for upcoming exhibits:

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After Midnight

This was a class sample for a Foiling Class last Fall.
I didn't have any more of that red fabric in the center, so I found something close enough and put it around the edge for binding.

Back side of After Midnight

I added triangles on the top corners before I added the binding.
A little dowel inserted under the triangles is perfect support when hung on the wall.

Golden Moment

Another class sample from the foil class.
I added a pink batik binding and really like how it draws out the pink fibers.

The gold satin border fabric was found at the thrift store.
If you look close you can see the shiny metal embellishments on it.
No, I didn't add them....the fabric came that way.

Back side of Golden Moment
I made a split hanging sleeve on the back.
I slid a tiny dowel through it.
This should hang nicely when displayed and be supported all the way across the top of the quilt.

Moose Lodge Quilt

5pm....ready to leave the Thread Shed and call it a day.
Just thought I would give you a peek at what is waiting for me tomorrow.
I am finally going to quilt Moose Lodge.

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