Friday, January 22, 2010

Moose Lodge.....Getting ready to Quilt

Wow....I can't believe this is finally going under the needle!

I pieced this a few years back.
It has been basted for more than a year...

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Moose Lodge

We are headed for California next month.
This quilt will be riding along with us.
It is a gift for my Uncle Charlie.

Give yourself a deadline.........and projects get finished!

Moose Lodge has a gorgeous flannel fabric on the back side with caribou and bears on it. The fabric is gorgeous......but flannel is awful to is kind of sticky!

I spray the entire quilting surface (tables) with silicone spray.
The sticky flannel fabric will slide beautifully across the tables now.
If you haven't tried silicone, you owe it to yourself to get some.
(Don't spray it on your quilt, just on the tables your quilt rests on during machine quilting).

Auditioning Bobbin Threads

I am leaning toward the dark brown for the bobbin thread.
This is a 60 wt. Bottom Line will just melt into the flannel.

Auditioning Top Threads

There are so many colors going on here...
Most any thread will work.
Mettler 50 wt. Cotton, YLI Variations Polyester, Bottom Line 60 wt. Polyester

I have narrowed it down to these...

The Green YLI Variegated thread keeps calling to me.
I think it will tie in nicely with the trees in the borders.

This is a very heavy thread. It will show up, even with all the plaid fabrics.
This 40 wt. thread is more like a heavy 12 wt.

Thread Stand
This HUGE spool of Green Variegated thread sits nicely on the thread stand on the back of the sewing machine. The thread will feed perfectly off the big spool thanks to the tall thread stand. Big cones of thread like to feed off the top.

I can't remember what kind of needle I last used in my machine?
I keep a magnifying glass in the drawer next to the machine.
I can easily read the size on the side of the needle.

Big thread needs a needle with a BIG EYE
My two favorites:
Organ Titanium Size 14
Schmetz Topstitch Size 14

Ready for a full day of machine quilting...

I will check back later and show you my progress!

p.s. Even after a year....the basting spray is holding this together nicely...

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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Lynn Weathers said...

How do you store basted quilts while they wait to get quilted? I have not had good luck with storing basted quilts. I usually end up rebasting - yuck!

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Lynn,
I pin them to my design wall.
It keeps them flat and wrinkle free.
My design wall is 1 inch thick insulation boards covered with batting.
LuAnn in Oregon