Saturday, January 23, 2010

Moose Lodge.......Quilting the TREES

Time to Quilt the Borders of Moose Lodge...

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The TREES are fusible web, raw edge, applique.
I zig zag stitched around all the raw edges of the trees.

I placed my finger on the tree and traced over the flowing branches until a quilting idea came to me.....

First TREE machine quilted.
I like the flowing lines across the surface of the tree.
I also like the way the variegated thread shows up and add texture.

Here is how I did it...

It was easiest for me to turn the tree on its side, no bulk under the arm of the sewing machine at this angle. Always try to work to your advantage.

I started with the bottom branch and quilted downward across the tree to the opposite bottom branch...slowly stitching from branch to branch in a vertical line.
It is easier to quilt from North to South.....than it is East to West in direction.

At this point, I am up to the third branch...and ready to come back down to the fourth branch on the bottom. This was fun and very relaxing to quilt.

These simple lines of quilting added so much texture to this solid looking tree.

Keep bouncing back and forth North to South from branch to branch...

I made it to the top of the tree!
I will definitely use this quilting motif on trees in future quilts.
It is relaxing and very therapeutic stitching.

The TREEs are all done...

Now I need to decide how to quilt the Moose......hmmm.

Just thought I would show you what I did this morning before I made it out to the Thread Shed to begin quilting the Moose Lodge Trees....

The Hen House was in need of immediate attention:

New Bedding

After the new bedding was spread out....
I tore up a stale loaf of bread and tossed it in the hen house.
That really stirred things up!

The hens pecked away at the bread joyfully!
Grabbing a big hunk of bread and running to a corner to eat it in private.
They don't like to share very well...

After their bellies were full...
They turned their attention on the camera...
They love the camera....always coming closer and closer!

These are the friendliest and sweetest hens we have ever raised.

Dottie loves to swing on the gate...

We also spread 2,600 lbs. of river rock in the chicken yard outside the hen house.
The chicken yard was getting rather muddy and yucky.
The smooth river rock is easy for the hens to walk on and keeps their feet and legs dry.

May Your Hens Never Have Muddy Feet,

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taylorsoutback said...

Excellent choice on quilting the evergreen trees - so effective! And speaking of evergreens - or green that you actually have green grass showing behind the hen house?? It looks beautiful!
You could make a lot of us happy by photographing a section of green grass!! :o) I haven't seen the bare ground since late October...
Thanks so much for sharing.

LuAnn Kessi said...

Yes......everything is green here in the Coastal Mountain Range of Western Oregon. We haven't had one snowflake....yet......this winter. I want to do some snow dyeing....but we don't have any snow....yet.
You will have to send me some!
LuAnn in Oregon