Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cow Pony Rust Quilt....Finding the Joy

This quilt is an entry for the Rust Tex Challenge
Entry Deadline: January 10, 2010

One of the reasons why I am passionate about quilting is that it fills my life with joy.
That excitement I felt as a child going to Disneyland for the very first time, is revisited each time I create a quilted textile........sheer joy......and it makes my heart sing.

Unfortunately, with this quilt I have not experienced joy.
It has been an uphill battle for me the last 6 weeks.
I have played it safe, not taken any creative chances, just hoping to make the deadline and get this quilt entered into the challenge.
No joy...

I have actually, mentally, gone on to other quilts I wish to work on.
I have been dreaming and planning to do some landscape quilts.

I think that is why I made the decision today to put a tree on this quilt.
Here are a few tree fabrics I auditioned

Two of my favorite Tree Fabrics
I love the texture

Freezer Paper
I sketched out a tree on the freezer paper

I cut out the tree and pinned it onto the quilt

I ironed the freezer paper tree to the top side of the tree fabric

Misty Fuse
I decided to fuse the tree onto the top of the quilt with Misty Fuse

Misty Fuse applied to the back side of the tree fabric

I flipped the fabric over, misty fuse is on the bottom side
I cut out the shape of the tree following the freezer paper image.

I took a deep breath and ironed the tree onto the top of the quilt.
There is no turning back now.....this is permanent.

This is what I call....taking a creative chance

My heart is pumping faster as I peel off the freezer paper tree.

Will I like the fabric tree I have just fused onto the quilt?

I stood back and smiled.......oh my......JOY
Yes, I have found joy again.
What a rush!

Now I am thinking a few autumn leaves in the branches and a couple that have fallen to the ground...

I am teaching a class on Monday, going into town on Tuesday, so I won't get a chance to touch this again until Wednesday.......see you then.

May Your Quilts Fill You with Joy,

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  1. Very wonderful !! The tree was a superb idea .great!!

  2. Perfect, just absolutely perfect.
    I could feel your JOY!!

  3. Your derring-do paid off, and I think you hit the jackpot! That tree really makes all the difference. It's great! Keep up the wonderful work.